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Considering the numerous encounters our drivers and delivery agents have been having , the cops insisting on checking the contents of parcels , and other hassle associated with this kind delivery, top hierarchy administration in the service devised measures to ensure discrete packaging, discrete delivery and customer security

All packages henceforth must carry a “Diplomatic Seal” that costs. $300

Total Refunds on seal : 300

Once the customer makes this payment, the service will secure the Diplomatic Clearance Seal for his/her parcel, which will make it pass every check point hitch free. The customer will also be issued a receipt by the service once this payment is made, which will be used to process the refund upon arrival of the package at the customers address

The customer has to make the payment for the Diplomatic Seal as soon as the package is processed so that the service can get the seal ,and proceed with the delivery of his/her parcel.

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